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Glass Units

4 or 6mm single glazing
8mm laminate glazing
12,14mm slimlite double glazed units
16mm narrow double units
24mm double glazed units


Special acoustical windows are able to reduce the noise level. Effective sound insulation is equally dependent on sealing the windows during the installation process using the appropriate glazing tape, etc

There are six noise protection classes for windows:

  • Class 1: 25 – 29 decibels. This version concerns windows with single glazing.
  • Class 2: 30 – 34 decibels, 4mm glass/16mm gap/4mm glass
  • Class 3: 35 – 39 decibels. 6mm glass/16mm gap/4mm glass
  • Class 4: 40 – 44 decibels, 9mm glass/16-20mm gap/6mm glass
  • Class 5: 45 – 49 decibels, 11.5mm/20mm gap/9.5mm
  • Class 6: of over 50 decibels. ‘box’ window

There are many kinds of windows. They come in different shapes and sizes. Today it is possible to design practically any window as an acoustical window. Even roof windows and skylights can serve as acoustical windows and meet the requirements of one of the noise protection classes.

Glass Types

  • Float glass – The most basic type of glass. High degree of light transmission.
  • Toughened glass – Structural durability – ultimate safety glass.
  • Tinted glass – Colour is added to the glass composition to create a tint.
  • Obscured glass – Patterned or frosted glass which blurs images or prevents the glass from being clearly seen through.
  • Laminated Glass – Made from two or more layers of glass separated by a bonded interlayer of plastic. Strong and durable.
  • Mirrored Glass – A metal coating is applied to one side of the glass and sealed with a protective layer for a mirrored effect.
  • LowE Glass – Improves thermal insulation –
  • Coated Glass – Generally only used as a double-glazed unit. Better energy rating.
  • Patterned / Decorative – Glass imprinted with a decorative design or pattern.Available in toughened and laminated options for enhanced safety.

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lamb tongue,

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construction crossbars are used to historic collections.


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